Marketing Video Production

What video works best on the screens your customers use?

That’s the core question every marketing video production agency should aim to answer. It’s also why our approach at NextThought Studios has always been to achieve multiple marketing goals specific to your audience and their interests. We provide more than just marketing video production services — we actively help you build content designed to meet your metrics and grow your revenue sheet thanks to smart, sophisticated targeting.

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NextThought Marketing Video Production Services

NextThought Studios offers a variety of marketing video production services to help you make successful videos.


A good foundation is the first step to making a quality marketing video. That’s where pre-production services come in. Meet with designers and directors to lay out the vision for and concept of your video before production starts, so you can solidify ideas and develop a strong script and storyboard before the cameras start rolling.

Marketing Video Production Studio

If you choose to shoot your video at the NextThought Studios location rather than on-site, our studio in Norman, Oklahoma, will support all your video production needs. At 30’ x 34’ with approximately 1,029 square feet in available set space, the NextThought studio features several backdrops and sets, as well as a green screen for special effects.

The studio also includes:

  • A complete audio booth for recording voice-overs
  • A make-up room to prepare before shooting
  • A full set of video production equipment

The studio is located next to a full-service Marriott Hotel that has a pool, gym, restaurant and bar, as well as an on-site masseuse and barber.

On-Site Shooting

If you decide your video needs to be shot at a certain location, our full-service, marketing video production house can make it happen. NextThought Studios will send a fully equipped team to your location to do all the video production tasks. While on-site, they will handle the marketing video production services with the same level of finesse and care they would maintain while in-studio, resulting in high-quality shoots.



A little magic can keep your audience hooked, provided it’s done right. With a green screen and some well-placed special effects or even a well-done voiceover, you can get your message across in a way that keeps your target audience glued to the screen.


Editing, cleanup and effects can make or break a video once primary production is over. A well-placed motion graphic or animation helps explain your concept better, while the right musical scores, cuts and lighting adjustments make the difference between an engaging marketing video and a reason for your audience to change the channel.

These tools are the basis of a successful marketing video, but they’re only the tip of the marketing video production iceberg.


NextThought Marketing Expertise


The crux of our marketing video production company’s success is our incredible staff of in-house production and design masters. Our team of artists and directors are here to help you craft the best message to reach your audience and capture their imaginations.

Our expertise is backed by our experience. We have:

  • Successfully shot compelling ads that highlight new products and companies
  • Crafted B2B case studies for digital distribution
  • Put together 30-second spots designed specifically for a YouTube audience
  • Developed several high-quality narratives that present our clients’ companies as leaders in their respective fields

We Can Do the Same for You

The last thing you want is a stock video full of whiteboards that looks like a thousand other videos you’ve seen. Develop a marketing video as unique as your company with the help of NextThought Studios. Our carefully selected team of marketing video production professionals can help you share your unique mark with everyone in your audience.

To add an extra level to your video production, we’ll also do everything we can to help you customize your video experience and content to best turn leads into customers. This includes everything from interactive elements and longform options to quick recommendations, which help your viewers jump right from the action to your sales page. We want to be more than just a marketing video production company — we want to be a partner in your funnel.

Learn how you can engage your audience with NextThought Studios marketing video production services.

Take the Next Step

A crisply finished marketing video can make or break your marketing efforts, and we’re here to help. From advertisements to marketing movies and presentations, NextThought Studios is the best marketing video production agency to make it happen. Based out of Norman, Oklahoma, our studio offers the best team of marketing video professionals to guide you through the process of making your design video.

Take advantage of our advice and expertise, as well as our incredible video production capabilities. Contact us today to get a quote or set up a meeting and start planning your next video production.