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360 & VR Video

360 & VR video are immersive video options that are becoming an increasingly popular option for organizations looking to set themselves (and their products or services) apart from the competition. 

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Why NextThought for VR & 360 video services?

NextThought Studios is one of Oklahoma's premier video production studios. Our professionals are trained to use a wide range of top-tier equipment, ensuring that your VR & 360 videos will be crystal-clear and of cinematic quality.

Additionally, a deep history of award-winning video production precedes us. We bring this level of expertise to all our projects — VR & 360 video is no exception. Regardless of what you hope to capture, you can trust that we'll give your audience the video experience of a lifetime. 

VR & 360 video are the future. It's time to embrace it.

Why choose VR & 360 video for your organization?


VR video is more accessible to a wider range of people than ever before, thanks to advances in technology. It’s not strictly for “tech nerds” anymore!


VR & 360 video create an ambiance like no other form of video. It’s ideal for events, commercial and residential realtors, hotels and resorts, large organizations with large buildings and campuses, not to mention anyone who wants to bring the most beautiful parts of the world closer to their audience.


Businesses who wish to create a new perspective turn to VR & 360 video. Additionally, any business who hopes to appeal to a new audience or refresh their strategy recognizes the value of VR & 360 video.

When does VR & 360 video make sense?

If you want to make your audience feel that they're a part of an event or that they're in the middle of an environment, VR & 360 video is right for you. Do you want to show how luxurious the rooms in your resort are? A 360 video creates the feeling that you're in the room — better yet, they know that you've got nothing to hide.

Additionally, you're eager to show off a majestic landscape — say, for instance, the Grand Canyon — there's nothing like VR and 360 video to fully encompass the view. You'll get a sense of presence that a traditional video cannot offer.

360 & VR video enables you to create a completely engaging video experience for a tech-savvy audience. As Millennials and Generation Z become more difficult to reach through traditional marketing methods, 360 & VR video are able to capture their attention. 

What a better way to show your customers that you're using the most up-to-the-minute technology than to shoot 360 & VR video? Shooting an event? Why not make viewers feel that they're part of it with a 360 degree video. Want to get a complete view of your environment? Viewers can experience it in all of its glory rather than piecing the pictures together themselves.

You want to incorporate VR video into your marketing strategy, but you fear it's not accessible for your audience. However, it's rapidly becoming an affordable option for everyone. For example, the Oculus Go offers great performance and a simple set up at just $199. If you're ready to take it to the next level Window Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets range from $250-$1400. They're capable of providing better resolution and they're even more immersive.

Why NextThought Studios for video production?

NextThought Studios is a leader among Oklahoma's video production companies, not to mention a recognized player across the United States. We’re renown for our attention to detail and our professional approach to every job, large or small.
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