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3 Ways To Achieve Your Engagement Goals With NextThought

Whether you need engaging Corporate Training curriculum, full instructional courses, an animated explainer video series, or want to immerse viewers in real-life scenarios, NextThought designs each project to accomplish the following.

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Engage Audiences

Effective content and educational training has a huge impact on learning engagement and retention. To stay relevant and stand out, organizations must keep content innovative, fresh, and enjoyable. Engage your audience by partnering with NextThought.


Standout Style

From expert hosts with stunning graphics, to unbelievable animation, to scenario-based learning situations, NextThought's creative team will help you achieve your engagement goals with content that keeps viewers interested and invested in learning.


Content Expertise

NextThought creates 1,000+ education and training videos each year. We've helped all our clients offer compelling videos, courses, and instruction that make even the most complex ideas understandable and enjoyable.


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Why NextThought

The NextThought team creates engaging video and training content for organizations who want their content to stand out and stick with their audience.

Through the use of our production studio and our high-quality post-production services, we can help you envision and create video solutions that are optimized for information acquisition. 

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Our Technology

From Articulate Storyline to 3D animation programs, our production team delivers professional results regardless of where we work. For live action filming, we use multiple 4k cameras, high-end lenses, gimbal-mounted camera stabilizers, mounted sliders, booms, dollies, lighting equipment, and more. 

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"With all the companies that I’ve worked with for over 35 years, they’re the best out of all of them."

Scott Hodgson | University of Oklahoma

What We Do

Don't piecemeal your video production services. We're an all-in-one studio that offers the best in video content creation. Whether you just need someone to fulfill your vision or you need a full creative team at your disposal, we can deliver exactly what you need.


On-Location Production



post production


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Studio Production

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White-Label Video Production

interactive and immersive

Interactive Video Production

See our insights into the video production industry. 

The Video Production Timeline

The Video Production Timeline

When you first start collaborating with a video production studio, you may wonder exactly how long this process takes.

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6 Tips to Create a Video Script that Will Engage and Educate College Students

Do you need to create an educational video that will be engaging enough to capture the imaginations of busy college students? Are you capable of...

Dos Donts

Dos and Don'ts of Educational Video Creation

Sure, the internet is full of funny cat videos. But did you know educational videos are one of the top 10 types of content on YouTube?

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