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NextThought Studios is a leader among 3D and animated film production companies, and whether you’re looking for animated promotional video production or a simple 3D motion graphic for a training video, our animation team can do it for you with ease and affordability.

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Visualize Details

Take a tour of tiny details that would otherwise be hidden from human eyes. Whether you’re exploring the insides of a complex machine or enlarging intricate details, you’ll engage and educate your audience.

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Concerned that your advertising is growing stale? Change it up with animation and 3D motion graphics.

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Take customers through step-by-step tutorial of how to apply or use your products for best results, minimizing questions about best practices.

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Top-Notch Training

Give your team an inside-out tour of your products, enabling them to visualize common product and process problems in a whole new way.

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Slow down or zoom in on footage to better highlight it. Better yet, you’ll retain your audience’s attention for longer periods of time.  

icon - video camera production - blackEstablish Tech Cred

Show your customers that you’re on the cutting edge of technology by using it in your video content.

Why NextThought Studios for your animated video production?

NextThought Studios is a leader among Oklahoma's video production companies, not to mention a recognized player across the United States. We’re renown for our attention to detail and our professional approach to every job, large or small.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Use these powerful tools to elegantly convey and add polish to your next promotional, marketing or training video. Our stellar team has even designed a wide range of 3D animated video productions that can stand alone or blend seamlessly with your next video.  


Logo-Green-NT-Icon-RevisedExtensive Experience— At NextThought Studios, we’re experts in animation and 3D motion graphics, with extensive experience in a broad range of media genres, with over 1,000 finished video projects delivered each year.  


Logo-Green-NT-Icon-RevisedCinema 4D—With the powerful Cinema 4D system toolkit, our animators can create 3D animated elements that appear as they would in real life and real space, allowing you to manipulate them to your ends.


Logo-Green-NT-Icon-RevisedAfter Effects—We’ll embed graphs, charts, captions and title slates using After Effects to add graphics to your video and convey messages more effectively.


Logo-Green-NT-Icon-RevisedHigh Quality— Whether 30 seconds to an hour, from broadcast news to music videos, each video we produce reflects our commitment to quality and high technical standards.

Looking for Animation and 3D Video?

Ready to work with animation and 3D video professionals who can create a product that’s truly memorable?

For a custom quote from Telly & Emmy award winning NextThought Studios, use the form or call us at 405-689-5486 to reach out to us and tell us what you’re looking for, where you are in the process and what you hope your video project can become.