Animation & 3D Motion Graphics

Animated films aren’t just for kids anymore — now, they're essential tools anyone can use for training and marketing videos alike. At NextThought Studios, we know how much video animation can do to convey an idea or polish a film. That’s why we employ a full team of animation and 3D design staff to create videos with 3D motion graphics here in our Oklahoma-based studio.

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About 3D Animation and Motion Graphics

No shape is too complex and no video animation too advanced for our stellar team at NextThought Studios. Our video animation team has developed a wide range of 3D animated video productions designed to stand on their own or blend seamlessly with your next marketing or training video.

3D animation and digital effects are a staple of today’s video world, so it only makes sense as a leader among animated film production companies that we deliver the same quality capabilities to your industry. Whether you’re looking for animated promotional video production or a simple 3D motion graphic for a training video, the NextThought Studios animation team can do it for you with ease and affordability.





A Skilled Team With Effective Tools

At NextThought Studios, we want to be able to enhance your messaging effectively with animation and motion graphics. Whether it’s a title slate for a TV series or a simple information graphic to distribute information, we want to produce the highest-quality animations and 3D motion graphics possible. This is why we arm every member of our animation and editing team with the following tools:

Our animators produce their work using Cinema 4DCINEMA 4D

Our animators produce their work using Cinema 4D, the professional 3D package for animators worldwide. This system provides our animators with the powerful tools and engines they require to build shapes and images, no matter how complex your demand. With this powerful toolkit, our animators can create a 3D animated element that appears as it would in real life and real space, allowing you to manipulate it to your ends.


In addition to our animation package, our editors use After Effects to add graphics and images to your video, enhancing your messaging as needed. Graphs, charts, captions and title slates are all achievable using these tools, allowing you to distribute information and convey messages more effectively.


Image-NT-Color-CrewAll the software in the world can’t make up for lack of experience, and that’s not a problem for our team. Between our animators and the rest of our video production staff, our team has a broad range of experience. We have members with experience covering everything from broadcast news and documentary film to music videos and commercial production.

On top of their previous experience, our staff also has extensive experience in educational, instructional and promotional media through NextThought Studios. Our team has produced over 1,000 finished video projects each year, ranging in length from 30 seconds to more than one hour. Each of our videos reflects our commitment to quality and high technical standards.

Using these tools and their experience, our team can effectively create quality videos with 3D motion graphics out of our Oklahoma studio. This allows us to maintain our position as the premier video animation company in Oklahoma.



Why Use Video Animation?

Through motion and animated video production, you’re able to convey more than you would with a simple live-action production. With animation, you can give your team an inside-out tour of your products and visualize common product and process problems during training videos. Additionally, you can use the same 3D motion technology for animated promotional video production, showing customers exactly how to use or apply your products for the best results.

With an animated film, you can easily slow down, zoom in on or take an internal tour of an object to help visualize details that would normally be hidden from human eyes. Whether you’re building detailed educational and training videos or creating broadcast ads designed to wow, this kind of animation can help engage both your team and your customers.

With NextThought Studios, you too can reap the benefits of animation. Let us be your animated video production company of choice!

Take the Next Step

With new video animation and animated video production strategies, you can stand out from the crowd and deliver a clearer message to your audience, whether they’re customers or team members. Engage them with the right content and rely on video animation to make it a compelling experience they’ll want to repeat. NextThought Studios’ animated video production team and designers can help you make it happen right here in our Norman, Oklahoma studio.

Our team is ready to start designing a new educational and promotional video experience for your target audience. Click to learn more about NextThought Studios’ capabilities and leadership among animated video production companies.

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