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Nail Down Pre-Production with Our Pre-Production Cheat Sheet

You’re ready to organize your upcoming video shoot, but you’re not sure what you need to include. Where do you begin? How do you ensure that you haven’t missed any important steps— steps that could jeopardize your production? 

The Video Pre-Production Cheat Sheet contains a comprehensive rundown of everything— and we mean EVERYTHING— you need to consider before you embark on your next video project.

 Download your copy of our Video Pre-Production Cheat Sheet!

Here's what's inside:

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Creative Brief

What is your ultimate goal for the upcoming project? We’ve got a list of questions you need to ask your client to ensure you’re all on the same page before cameras start to roll.

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Who will star in this project? Will you rope in someone from the company, or should this project be tackled by true professionals? Do you need background actors? What about voiceover talent? We’ll help you understand everything you need to know to cast your production.

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Shot Sheet

What will you film? In what order will you film it? Your shot sheet answers these questions and more! Our Cheat Sheet offers a quick rundown of the details you need on your shot sheet.

Janelle Bevan
Head of NextThought Studios

About the Author

Janelle has worked on a vast number of projects, ranging from corporate commercials to long-form documentaries. She served as the graduate assistant to the Creative Media department head at the University of Oklahoma for two years while completing her Master’s in Video Producing and Media Management. She has worked with the Broadcast Education Association and acted as their Festival Producer for the 2015 awards show in Las Vegas. Janelle is six-time Telly Award and Emmy winner.