Corporate Training Video Production

Training your team effectively can be a difficult task. Make your training more effective with quality training videos. Whether it’s...

  • teaching new employees about your internal culture and how it’s applied,
  • developing a training schedule for your sales force, or
  • showing field teams how to deploy your products and services for a customer.

Training video production can make the entire process easier, more affordable, and more engaging for your team members. Studies have also shown that video helps people retain more information

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Why Use Training Videos?

The entire goal of your training process is to create a uniform path forward for your employees, equipping them with the tools and information they need to deliver consistently positive customer experiences. Quality training videos can be invaluable to your training process, offering interactive and visually interesting media to break up your training modules.

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Attention to Trainees 

Training videos allow you to stop and replay sections at any given time without disrupting the flow of the lesson, and can also be made available to trainees outside of the office for further study. In this way, they serve as educational videos that teach your team what they need to know. 

Additionally, effective training videos train your entire team at the same time without using human resources, leaving your trainers and managers free to follow up on difficult points or give special attention to those who might need more time or direction.

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Improved Trainee Retention

With the ability to stop and replay videos or include interactive elements like quizzes, trainees can more easily understand and engage with the material.

This fosters improved retention of concepts and knowledge learned during training, making them more effective employees once their training has been completed.

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Improved Consistency

Whereas a human trainer may forget to cover material from one class to the next, a company training video will never forget any part of your training. This way, you can guarantee that every trainee class is equipped with the same level of knowledge and training as the next.

At NextThought Studios, we can give you a training tool that will stay relevant as your business grows, and will allow you to grow your team without repeat investments in outside training, new webinars, or other common corporate training expenses.

Next Thought Studios Corporate Training

Corporate training video production is just as important as your training development and documentation.

To this end, we can provide you with extensive video production services and the best team to make your training content engaging and memorable.

Our unique staff and studio offer the tools, designs, and experience to meet your needs.


From lighting and filming to animating and editing, NextThought has all the hardware and software needed to make high-quality job training video productions. Using a combination of high-resolution video and 3D animation, our video equipment provides you with the ability to combine close-up imagery of products in action with 3D animations that delve into the inner workings of systems of interest.

We can produce and insert CAD drawings of your products, visualize examples of common interactions with customers, provide live-action shots, showcase real-world applications of what you offer, and more. This can help break up your training modules with periods of interactivity, keeping your team engaged.


Our extensive experience in educational and training videos allows us to tailor our videos for business and corporate training. 

Whether it’s teaching a company’s employees about their internal corporate culture, or training the sales staff on the products and services they provide, we know what the video must focus on to provide an engaging and effective message. You wind up with a highly effective training video that also showcases your company’s core values.


We have an extensive background in videos of all types. Our staff members have experience in storytelling, information gathering, education development, research, and presenting information in a visually pleasing and entertaining way. Our team has done everything from broadcast news and documentary film to music videos and commercial production, so we are prepared to assist you with any type of video you can imagine.

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Add to this their extensive experience in educational, instructional, and promotional media through NextThought Studios, and you can rest assured our team is well-equipped for any training video production. Our team works at an incredibly fast rate, producing over 1,000 finished video projects every year. Each of those videos reflects our crew’s dedication to delivering the truth through video and our commitment to quality.

Branch out with NextThought Studios as your corporate training video production company, and you’ll unlock a new level of training and development from within. Contact us today to get started.