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Documentary Film Production

Storytelling is a fine art, and nowhere is that more on display than in today’s documentary films. At NextThought Studios, we deliver a crystal-clear picture of the problem you’re highlighting and give you the best platform to inform your audience about the solution.

Who We've Worked With

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Personal Documentary Production

Your documentary must feel authentic to create resonance with your audience. Because of this personal focus in documentary filmmaking, NextThought Studios works with each documentary filmmaker to understand who they are and why they’re passionate about their particular issue.

Our goal with every project is to reflect your style in every cut and clip — this both involves you in the documentary’s narrative and also captures and presents your essence in the film from storyboarding to the final production.

As a documentary production company, we are an extension of our product, and because you’re both our client and an essential part of our product, we’ll take your needs and your dreams as seriously as our own.

Right for the Big Screen

The staff and equipment behind your documentary are just as important as its narrative, which is why NextThought Studios offers a full-service studio and staff to suit your needs. Our studio offers:

post production


NextThought Studios was originally created to address the demand for premium media services in the education market. Today, our full-service production house specializes in delivering impactful messages in a variety of formats, including documentaries. We pride ourselves on our versatility, our dedication to quality and our commitment to the highest technical and artistic standards.

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At our studio in Norman, Oklahoma, we have everything you need to make anything happen. Our 30’ x 34’ facility has plenty of set space and houses a green screen cyclorama wall, multiple backdrops and a light grid. In addition to the filming set, the studio connects to a quality audio booth, designed to produce high-quality audio recordings every time. The studio also features a green room where we’ll prepare you for each shoot with full makeup and hair styling services. We also have the equipment needed for off-site shoots in the field. In short, our studio provides everything you need to make any documentary.

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Our team of producers, directors, designers, editors and animators are at the tops of their respective fields, each with extensive experience communicating complex ideas in novel and engaging ways. We have an extensive background in education and explanation, and our crew is dedicated to delivering the truth through the perfect medium: Video.



Documentary film production must balance multiple types of video formats, digital elements, animations, overlays and informational instruction. To best accomplish this, you need a studio equipped with a full complement of hardware and software.

"They execute accordingly to the visions I have for what I want."

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A Dedicated and Thorough Crew For Your Documentary Project

Our members have previous experience in a variety of formats and mediums, covering everything from broadcast news to music videos. Many also have previous experience in documentary production. We believe we stand out among documentary production companies because of our mix of backgrounds in storytelling, information gathering, education development, research and presenting information in a visually pleasing and entertaining way.

On top of this, we also have plenty of experience as a team working on educational and instructional videos at NextThought Studios. In total, our team has produced over 3,500 finished video projects, averaging over 1,000 a year. Each video, ranging from 30 seconds to over an hour in length, reflects the same commitment to quality that we apply to all our projects.

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A Final Cut You Can Be Proud Of

Place your documentary film production in the hands of NextThought Studios and we’ll ensure your documentary is the highest quality possible. No matter the subject matter, you’ll be ready for your debut. Our video production team will use their extensive background and fully-equipped studio to bring your dream to the silver screen in a way you can be proud of every time you see it.

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Video Estimator

With our help, you don't have to guess how much your project will cost. Just supply your information in the tool for a budget estimate. 

Take the Next Step

Our NextThought Studios video production team is ready to help you work on your next documentary project from day one. With quality pre-production, production and post-production services, we can help you fully realize your documentarian dreams with an engaging and informative film that captures both your topic and your passion.

Partner with NextThought Studios today and realize the quality that only an experienced team can bring. Contact us today to set up a meeting and learn how your next documentary project can benefit from NextThought Studios’ tools and expertise.