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Educational videos don’t have to be boring! No matter how many video lectures you’ve sat through that nearly put you to sleep, NextThought Studios is here to tell you that educational video can be truly compelling. By partnering with NextThought Studios, you can produce learning videos that are enjoyable and engaging — that’s the goal we aim to reach with all of our learning content.

Delivering quality instructional videos has helped NextThought Studios become the leader in educational video production in Oklahoma. It’s also why business leaders turn to us for their educational videos.

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icon - team who we are about us - blackThe Staff

Our full-service video production house can provide all your organization’s video needs. NextThought Studios employs a team of over 15 professionals, including:

  • directors,
  • producers,
  • digital artists,
  • animators, and
  • videographers.

We also employ a team of curriculum developers and writers to help tailor your content into a production-ready script and determine where you can use it in your existing curriculum.

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The Space

If you choose to do your videos with us rather than doing it on-site, our brick and mortar studio, located in Norman, Oklahoma, is a fantastic facility for any of your media production needs.

icon - corporate training video laptop - blueThe Experience

With over 4,000 education videos already under our belt, we know how to bring a course to life in video format. Our experience covers a vast range of topics and applications.

Why NextThought Studios for Educational Video Production?

At NextThought Studios, we take pride in all of the content we develop, regardless of its purpose or content — and that includes your next learning video production. Our parent company, NextThought, specializes in creating quality online education experiences. At NextThought Studios, we’ve taken our parent company’s expertise and refined it to develop the best instructional video production process in Oklahoma.

Choose an educational video production company that’s as passionate about creating a great video as you are about training and educating your team. When you decide on NextThought Studios, you get our full pre- and post-production technology as well as our experienced team of educational video editing professionals.


What Makes Our Educational Video Better Than the Rest?

You have information you want to convey. You could simply shoot an expert in that field talking directly into the camera for thirty minutes— after all, that would share the necessary data with your audience and you’d know that the information was accurate if it’s coming straight from the source.


icon - leaders in the industry - greenWork with Experts

Who better to create your video than the people who have created thousands of hours of compelling video over the course of their career? They know what makes a video interesting and what turns into yet another boring educational video.

icon - interactive elements motion graphic design - orangeImprove Impact

When done well, video can have a huge impact on a student’s learning. Marketers have been using video for years to garner attention— why not use one of Oklahoma’s best video production companies to capture the imagination of your students?

icon - video camera production - greenState-of-the-Art Technology

We’ve got the tools you need to create top-of-the-line video. You want your video to look professional— why not work with the pros? You won’t have to invest in expensive equipment or learn how to use it. We handle it for you, from start to finish.

Why NextThought Studios for video production?

"NextThought is able to quickly understand the needs of videos that we are producing. In addition to that, they have a strong sense of the educational subject matters and can quickly and efficiently supply final deliverables."  - Rick Livingston Director, Video Production Services Encyclopædia Britannica


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NextThought Studios is a leader among Oklahoma’s video production companies, not to mention a recognized player across the United States. We’re renown for our attention to detail and our professional approach to every job, large or small.


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