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3 Ways To Achieve Your Engagement Goals With NextThought

Whether you need full instructional courses, an animated explainer video series, or want to immerse viewers in real-life scenarios, NextThought designs each project to accomplish the following.

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Engage Audiences

Effective video has a huge impact on a learning engagement and retention.  To stay relevant and stand out, organizations must keep content innovative, fresh, and enjoyable to watch. Tell a compelling story and make an idea crystal clear by partnering with one of the best video production companies in America.


Standout Style

From expert hosts with stunning graphics, to unbelievable animation, to scenario-based learning situations, NextThought's creative team will help you achieve your engagement goals with content that keeps viewers interested and invested in learning.


Content Expertise

Keeping viewers engaged is challenging. Fortunately, NextThought creates 1,000+ education and training videos each year. We've helped all our clients offer compelling videos, courses, and instruction that make even the most complex ideas understandable.  


"NextThought is able to quickly understand our video needs. They have a strong sense of the educational subject matters and can quickly and efficiently supply final deliverables."

Rick Livingston | Encyclopedia Britannica

Curriculum Design for Educational Videos

High-quality videos for educational use need more than just video production expertise: they also need informed curriculum design in order to be truly educational. At NextThought Studios, we employ a range of talent to ensure your videos don’t just look good, but effectively teach what you need them to.

Collaboration among subject matter experts, instructional designers, and video content specialists is crucial in creating videos that thoroughly teach complex concepts. Learn more about how we provide this collaboration for your project.


Learning Design

Continuous evaluation and refinement are integral parts of curriculum design for educational video production. The effectiveness of the videos in achieving the desired learning objectives depends on careful use of pedagogical principles and ongoing refinement with assessments and learner data.


Content Development

The possibilities for educational videos are endless, meaning that intentional content development is crucial. Drawing on a range of tools from interactive quizzes, visual effects, sound effects, animated videos, and other types of video content, our production team creates exactly the right video for what you want to achieve.

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True Expertise

Ensuring you present accurate and up-to-date information lends credibility and authority to your videos. NextThought brings in-depth knowledge on a wide range of  topics and industries to your project. Even Subject Matter Expert management. This makes for a more engaging and trustworthy learning experience. 

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The NextThought Difference

Whether you want to develop engaging video courses or train your team for an on-site shoot, our production staff has the skills and tools to meet all of your needs.

Look no further than NextThought Studios' team we have everything you need to create a quality instructional video for your organization.

Our full-service video production house can provide all your organization's video needs. NextThought Studios employs a team of over 15 professionals, including:

  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Digital Artists
  • Animators
  • Videographers

We also employ a team of curriculum developers and writers to help tailor your content into a production-ready script and determine where you can use it in your existing curriculum.

If you choose to do your videos with us rather than doing it on-site, our brick-and-mortar studio is a fantastic facility for any of your media production needs.

The 30' x 34' studio features 1,029 square feet in available set space and houses a green screen cyclorama wall, multiple backdrops, and a light grid. In addition to the video set, the studio connects to a state-of-the-art audio booth, designed with perfect acoustics to produce high-quality audio recordings for voice-overs and audio files.

Also, our studio features a makeup room, where we offer full makeup and hairstyling services to prepare you for each educational video shoot.

On top of our incredible studio space, we also have easy access to a full-service Marriott Hotel featuring a pool, gym, restaurant, and bar, an on-site masseuse, and a barber. In short, our studio is perfectly placed for any learning video production.

With over 4,000 educational videos already under our belt, we know how to make educational content that brings a course to life in an entertaining and interactive way. Our experience covers a wide range of topics and applications.

We work with a variety of private corporations and associations, edtech companies, and mobile application creators, but also work in close collaboration with several higher education organizations, including the University of Oklahoma, the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and Columbia University.

Any one of these organizations can tell you that NextThought Studios is the expert at creating compelling education videos. However, don't limit video to higher education! Younger students can benefit from it as well!

We know how to create an educational video for your purposes that will appeal to viewers of all ages.

Here at NextThought Studios, we want to be your go-to educational video production company. With a quality video produced by our studio, you can share your company culture, enhance your customer experiences, highlight the success of your students, or showcase your latest innovation in an engaging and enticing manner that is also great for content marketing.

We invite you to contact us so we can share our passion and build something together.

Looking to get started on your next video project? Let's talk.

We deliver a commitment to quality that you and your target audience will notice. If you're ready for a change to your video presence, we're ready to hear from you.