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Learning and Educational Video Productions

Educational video doesn’t have to be boring! No matter how many video lectures you’ve sat through that nearly put you to sleep, it is possible to create a video that will entertain AND educate.

Today, with a little bit of editing magic, you can turn any instructional video into a high-quality experience that both educates and enthralls your audience, whether they're in elementary school or business executives.

When you partner with NextThought Studios, you will find out what it takes to produce learning videos that are enjoyable and engaging — that’s the goal we aim to reach with all of our learning content.

Delivering quality instructional videos is what has allowed NextThought Studios to become the leader in video production in Oklahoma, and it’s why leaders turn to us. 

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Video Production is Our Passion

At NextThought Studios, we take pride in all of the content we develop, regardless of its purpose or content — and that includes your next learning video production. We've honed our skills over the years, building the premiere full-service video production company in Oklahoma. What does this mean for you? Well, whether you want to train employees in-house, build out a video course to sell to the world, or you're ready bring some firepower to your subject matter as you teach a room full of disengaged youth, we’re here to build a better experience for your viewers. You'll get access to our crack team of professionals every step of the way, ensuring that you create a video that's not just educational, but extraordinary. 

Our parent company, NextThought, specializes in creating quality online education experiences. At NextThought Studios, we’ve taken our parent company’s expertise and refined it to develop the best instructional video production process in Oklahoma.

Our production team will work with you from day one, building a script that fits educational goals while capturing the audience’s attention, filming content that encapsulates those goals and finally editing that content through post-production to deliver the message in the style it requires.

Choose an educational video production company brings the same level of passion to  creating a great video that you bring to training and educating. When you work with NextThought Studios, you get full access to our pre- and post-production technology as well as the collective experience of our seasoned team. 

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The Talent and Tools you Need

Our production staff has the skills and tools to meet all of your needs, whether you want to develop engaging video courses or train your team for an on-site shoot. You need look no further than NextThought Studios' team— we have everything you  might need to create a quality instructional video for your organization, including:

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Our full-service video production house can help you navigate the choppy waters of quality video production. We have the skills and  equipment required to meet all of your video needs. NextThought Studios employs a team of over 15 professionals, including

  • directors
  • producers
  • digital artists
  • animators
  • videographers

We also employ a team of curriculum developers and writers to help tailor your content into a production-ready script and determine where you can use it in your existing curriculum. In other words, we'll have someone to help you every step of the way. 

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If you choose to shoot your videos in our brick-and-mortar studio rather than on-site, you'll find us in Norman, Oklahoma. Our studio is a fantastic facility for any of your media production needs.

The 30’ x 34’ studio features 1,029 square feet in available set space and houses a green screen cyclorama wall, multiple backdrops, and a light grid. In addition to the video set, the studio connects to a state-of-the-art audio booth, designed with perfect acoustics to produce high-quality audio recordings for voice-overs and audio files.

Also, our studio features a makeup room, where we offer full makeup and hair styling services to prepare you for each educational video shoot. On top of our incredible studio space, we also have a full-service Marriott Hotel on-site featuring a pool, gym, restaurant and bar, onsite masseuse, and a barber. In short, our studio is a perfect place for any learning video production.

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With over 4,000 educational videos already under our belt, we know how to bring a course to life in video format. Our experience covers a wide range of topics and applications.

We work with a variety of private corporations and associations, but also work in close collaboration with several higher education organizations, including the University of Oklahoma, the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and Columbia University. Any one of these organizations can tell you that NextThought Studios is the expert at creating compelling education videos. However, don't limit video to higher education! Younger students can benefit from it as well! 

Here at NextThought Studios, we want to be your go-to educational video production company. With a quality video produced by our studio in Norman, Oklahoma, you can share your company culture, highlight the success of your students, or showcase your latest innovation in an engaging and enticing manner. We invite you to contact us so we can share our passion and build something together.

Take the Next Step with Your Educational Video

Our design and media teams have the facilities and abilities needed to make high-quality videos and dedicate themselves to providing our clients with the best service possible. Contact us today to find out how NextThought Studios can make your next instructional video production come to life.

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