Equipment & Facilities

Using our high end equipment and state of the art facilities are the foundation for creating great video for your projects.

Our equipment & facilities take video production to the next level.
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Equipment IConOn Location Equipment

Our video teams produce professional results regardless of where they are working. On location, we provide multiple 4k cameras, high-end lenses, gimbal-mounted camera stabilizers, mounted sliders, booms, track dollies, jobs, lighting equipment, and more.

Vehicle IconProduction Vehicle

Our one-of-a-kind production truck can be put to use on the go. Our team will load up all of the equipment your shoot needs to the right location and on time. 

red iconRED Cameras

Industry leaders shoot on RED Cameras because these are the best cameras in the industry. Your project can be created using the same camera technology as blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 and Independence Day: Resurgence, not to mention stunning music videos, commercials, and TV series.

Studio IconOur Studio

Our green screens, library of studio shots, audio recording booth, and incredible in-studio support team can turn your idea into a reality. Our Norman, Oklahoma studio is the ideal location for you to create video projue.


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The NextThought Studios video production process is designed with the client’s needs at the forefront of everything we do. In pre-production, we work with you to create the script, storyboards, and design of your video project. Then, when it is time to move into the production stage, we can shoot video on location or in our state of the art studio here in Norman, Oklahoma. Post-production includes editing and mixing your project. We are done when you are satisfied with the finished video product that you can use to tell your story!

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