Event and Conference Videography

Event and conference videography is becoming an essential marketing tool for businesses, with socially shared videos serving as an excellent way to engage your target audience. With quality video, you can capture even more attention and earn a fantastic ROI. Choose NextThought Studios to capture your next event or conference effectively and create marketing content you can use for months to come.

The Event Videography Process

NextThought Studios works with your business every step of the way to develop the best event videos possible. Creating effective content for your event videos means it needs to be interesting and useful — which is what we do best.

We approach the creation of corporate promotional event video production by following these steps:

  1. team meeting for a teleconferencePlanning & Setting Goals for the Video: Our event videography service producers work with you in pre-production to identify objectives that can be accomplished within the production of your video. Therefore, measuring success is simple and keeps the project direction clear, helping you stay on track with timeline and costs.
  2. Determining Your Target Market and Core Message: Making sure your event video objectives are on-point to reach your desired audience is critical to the project’s success. We develop this criteria with you as we work to build your objectives. We also ensure the event video coverage will engage your audience and drive them to act to meet your goals.
  3. Scheduling Efficiently: To guarantee a smooth shoot, our team works to solidify all aspects of corporate event video production — crew and equipment securement, determining interview questions, preparing the shoot schedule and coordinating with the venue.
  4. Adding a Burst of Creativity: Imagination and creativity are necessary components for your corporate event video to stand out against competitors. Our crew will capture all the footage, conduct interviews and record vital components needed to develop a stellar video – but their excellent creative eye will give it the finish you need to enthrall your audience.
  5. Refining the Final Product: Once the event has concluded, our editing team will immediately take the footage and begin editing to correspond with objective specifications. Edits can include cutting footage, adjusting sound and color or adding transitions. We ensure your video is edited quickly and efficiently so that any feedback changes you have are completed with a quick turnaround. 

At the end of this process, your business will receive high-quality video of your event precisely to your specifications that you can immediately use as marketing material in your social media and content sharing efforts.

NextThought Studios can help your business create these marketing videos and more with our corporate event video production services.

Why Use Event Videography?

While photos are a useful tool for marketing, nothing can compare to how video can capture the energy and movement of an event or conference. Videos are also proven to be a more engaging media for audiences, gaining more attention on social media and content sharing sites than stagnant images. These videos always perform better when they are high-quality, and you can get the best quality by hiring a professional event videographer.
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NextThought Studios is an event video production company that can help your business capture your event in the most engaging way for your followers and target demographic. Our team works with you, understanding the nature of your event and its goals to develop the most exciting videos for your marketing efforts. With our video production crew, you can get high-quality film to use in your marketing materials, including:
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Presentations, Speakers and Performances

Filmed presentations, keynote speakers and performances from your event are a fantastic draw, as well as a great marketing resource. Well-shot videos of these presentations can be posted to content sharing platforms for an extra boost in social presence.
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Sizzle Reels and Event Clips

Capture the most exciting portions of your event and replicate that energy with a compilation of all the best snippets rolled into a short video with feature, sizzle reels. This is perfect as a teaser or promo video for your next event. Event clips, the most interesting clips, of your event can make for excellent shares on social media, piquing the interest of viewers and drawing them in to learn more about your event.
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B-Roll Coverage

A compilation of unused film and commentary, the b-roll is a patchwork of footage that functions as a behind-the-scenes look at the event. This can be a great way to tease the rest of your event coverage and add some personality to your marketing efforts.
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Collected endorsements, testimonials and reactions from event attendees are excellent resources you can share several times after an event is finished. Use them on your website or social media profiles to boost customer interest and loyalty.

Professional Event Videographer for Oklahoma and Beyond

NextThought Studio is the leader among video production companies in Oklahoma and across the United States because we deliver a commitment to quality that you and your audience will notice. Our video production services are the top in our field, backed by a full staff and well-equipped studio based in Norman, Oklahoma.

No matter where your event is taking place, our team will be ready with everything we need for excellent video production for events, including these three things.


The Staff

NextThought Studios employs a professional video production crew of more than 15 professionals, including directors, producers, writers, artists and videographers. Each of our crewmembers has several years of experience in the art of video production spanning a variety of genres, and each lends their unique talents and skills to our full-service video production company.


The Equipment

NextThought Studios keeps only the most advanced equipment at our studio to ensure maximum quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in our video production efforts.
On top of our modern cameras, we employ high-quality tripods, track dollies, mounted sliders and the Beholder DS-1 3-axis gyro-handheld camera stabilizer. Our audio equipment includes Countryman, Tram, Sennheiser and Sanken mics, while our light kits include Arri light kits, soft boxes, LED Aputure lights and a variety of silks and reflectors for outdoor shooting. We even own a DJI Inspire2 5k drone to capture aerial shots at outdoor venues.


The Experience

The NextThought Studios team produces around 1000 videos per year covering all types of subjects, from educational and marketing media to full-length documentaries. Our marketing materials are top-of-the-line and have proven to be extremely effective tools for our past clients. No matter what your goals for your event video, our video production company has the experience and skills to make it happen.

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We’re the leader among video production companies in Oklahoma City and across the U.S. because we deliver a commitment to quality that you and your audience will notice. If you’re ready for a change to your video presence and want to put your brand in the best light, contact NextThought Studios today.

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