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Explainer & Training Solutions

NextThought Studios is a premier producer of training and other informational video solutions. We use our experience in instructional video from industries like education to create high-quality, research-backed training content for corporate settings.

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The Uses of Explainer and Training Videos

Explainer and training videos are well-suited for a range of corporate and educational uses.

Corporate Communication Videos

From external PR videos to internal memos, there’s a range of corporate communication needs met by video.

Corporate Training Videos

Video is the most effective medium for corporate training on everything from job skills to compliance and more.

Educational Videos

Video lectures, demonstrations, documentaries and more create more immersive and impactful educational experiences.

What are the benefits?

What does NextThought Studios offer? An award-winning commitment to quality, content vetted by subject matter experts, a dedicated team, and much more: that’s what you get from every NextThought Studios project.

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Every video project at NextThought Studios is based on full consideration and understanding of client needs. We maintain a high level of client satisfaction by facilitating clear and easy communication.

Our commitment to quality content means creating educational and instructional content that is not only appropriate to client needs, but deeply engaging for the intended viewers.

Video is a message from your brand to your viewers, and it’s the most powerful medium for storytelling, teaching, and much more. NextThought Studios makes video work that connects viewers to your brand.

"I didn’t have to explain what I needed — they knew what I needed better than me."

Jimmy Reynolds | National Group Marketing


Do you want to know more about our work, our equipment, or our specializations? We’ve got answers.

Yes we do. Our video production process begins with a discovery phase that works very much like a consultation. We’ll cover the creative direction of your project so that it aligns with your goals and explore considerations such as cost, location, casting, and more.

We use state-of-the-art RED cameras as well as studio equipment like green screens and an audio recording booth. You can see complete equipment listings on our equipment page.

Because every project’s requirements are different, there’s no single answer. The best way to find out is to contact us and tell us a bit about your intended project. We can give you an estimate from there.

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