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Interactive and Immersive Video

As if conventional video wasn’t engaging enough, the next generation of interactive and immersive video technologies give viewers even more with 360° views, interactive viewing experiences, and more.

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What Interactive & Immersive Video Includes

Always at the cutting edge, NextThought Studios is already working extensively with these new video technologies. 

360 & VR Video

Give viewers a more impressive and immersive experience with 360 & VR video. These technologies let viewers look around a 3D environment for greater detail.

Animated & 3D Motion Graphics

Animation is an underappreciated tool for describing abstract concepts, telling instructional stories, and more. Combine it with 3D motion graphics and anything is possible.

Interactive Video Production

Interactive video engages viewers by offering them choices and giving them feedback throughout a more personalized viewing experience. It’s perfect for training, scenario simulation, and much more. 

Interactive Video Gives Viewers More

One of video’s core strengths is the immersive experience it gives viewers. With interactive video, the viewing experience gets even deeper. Learning is more engaging when viewers can respond to video content as they watch, making decisions and enjoying a personalized experience. 

Ease of Communication

NextThought is the leader in educational video production in Oklahoma. We bring state-of-the-art technology like interactive video to the work we do with clients here in Oklahoma and across the country. 

Engaging Content

Organizational onboarding and training is best done with video for the immersive quality of the medium. Now with interactive video, there is even greater potential for learner and audience engagement in individual or group sessions. 

Connect Viewer to Brand

Interactive video is a new way of using video with interactive prompts and different paths for viewers to take, increasing the possibilities for learning, retention, and active engagement with a subject. 

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Have questions about the kind of work we do? Or maybe the tools we use or the people we work with? Check out our FAQs first.

Yes, we begin the video production process with a discovery phase where we cover the creative direction of the project as well as costs and more.

We use state-of-the-art RED cameras as well as studio equipment such as green screens and an audio recording booth for a quality studio environment. You can see more in-depth equipment listings on our equipment page. 

It varies greatly on the nature of the project. It would be best to contact us about your idea so we can estimate the completion time.

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Video Estimator

We simplify our sales process by being fully transparent about what costs you can expect. Supply the details about your project in our video estimator tool so you can get a better idea of what it will cost you.

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