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Video Production for Learning, Training & Instruction 

If you're looking for video production as a component of a larger training program for your employees or as a solution for an online degree, we've got a team of experts ready to develop your next set of instructional videos.
 Before you jump in to designing your next set of training materials or an online course, talk to one of our experts.

5Z6A4983We work with you to ensure your training materials are effective and engaging.

The entire goal of your training process is to create a uniform path forward for your employees, equipping them with the tools and information they need to deliver consistent customer experiences.

NextThought Studios makes your training more effective with quality training videos. Whether it’s...

  • teaching new employees about your internal culture and how it’s applied,
  • developing a training schedule for your sales force, or
  • showing field teams how to deploy your products and services for a customer

Training video production can make the entire process easier, more affordable and more engaging for your team members.

The team at NextThought Studios will work with you from curriculum design to video production to ensure your training materials are effective and engaging.

Video Playbook CoverLooking to develop instructional videos for your company?

Instructional designers know all too well that developing innovative and informative teaching practices can be challenging in today's fast-paced world.

We've done the research, and we know that video increases attention, retention and more. We've packaged our findings in a free guide for designing and creating instructional and training videos. 

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NextThought Studios isn't just a video production house. We have worked with universities and HR programs all over the United States to develop curriculums, learning design and instructional videos and materials.
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From lighting and filming to animating and editing, NextThought has all the hardware and software needed to make high-quality video. We use a mix of live video, 3D animations, renderings and more. This process helps break up your training modules with periods of interactivity, keeping your team engaged.

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Whether it’s teaching a company’s employees about their internal corporate culture or the sales staff about the product and services they provide, we know what video style and messaging is best suited for each audience.

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Our team members have experience in storytelling, information gathering, education development, research and presenting information in a visually pleasing and entertaining way. Our team has done everything from broadcast news and documentary film to music videos and commercial production. Add to this their extensive experience in educational, instructional and promotional media through NextThought Studios, and you can rest assured our team is well-equipped for any training video production. 


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