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Live Streaming Video Services

NextThought Studios is your go-to live event streaming and production company because we specialize in capturing the moment the way it’s meant to be shared. We push the boundaries with 4K video, so there are no more fuzzy or blurry slides, audience questions are heard loud and clear, and your company maintains a professional look as you share your vision with the world.


You work hard to build a successful event, and that includes defining what’s valuable and important. Our mission is to offer the best live streaming services available, so we capture the important and the valuable, empowering you to share it with whomever you want.


Create a live training session with video backups, share your big news with the world or present the latest research to an audience that is no longer restricted by income or location with NextThought’s live streaming services for events.

What can NextThought do for you?

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NextThought Livestream Video

NextThought Studios offers a variety of marketing video production services to help you make successful videos.

Businesses’ Best Live Streaming Services

NextThought Studios offers a variety of live streaming services for events with a special focus on creating something your business can use to raise revenues and enhance training opportunities for remote teams.

We shoot conferences, speaking events, lunch-and-learns, training summits and business meetings where your most mission-critical information is shared. As a business live streaming production company, we know how to capture audio and light speakers so they are visible to everyone in the room, on your site or using social media to watch.

Whenever your organization finds an event of value to its team or customers, we can be there to capture it live so no one misses out. Choose a smarter live event streaming provider, and remove all geographic boundaries and barriers to maximize exposure at the most affordable rate. Help everyone you want to attend your next meeting to have the best seat in the house.

Companies Large and Small Can Benefit From Our Live Video Services

When you hear about live streaming services for events, it’s easy to picture the TED stage with huge production values, giant backdrops and plenty of revenue going into the event as well as the recording. But there’s just as much opportunity — and sometimes a greater need — for smaller venues with tighter budgets to consider a live streaming production company, such as:

  • When you can’t afford to fly everyone in, live video allows them to feel like they’re in the room.
  • You have a chance to get your executives and team leads into the discussion while giving them the flexibility they need to perform the other operations of running your business.
  • Live streaming encourages everyone to participate and join in as needed, but still lets you answer the phone, take that meeting or respond to an email that’s time sensitive.

NextThought Marketing Expertise

The crux of our marketing video production company’s success is our incredible staff of in-house production and design masters. Our team of artists and directors are here to help you craft the best message to reach your audience and capture their imagination.

Why Two Major U.S. Government Agencies Trusted Us With Their Live Stream Needs

Our recent projects included meetings and training summits for the FAA and USPS. These agencies have staff across the U.S., and it would have been a major expense to get everyone in the room, potentially shutting down offices for the day or reducing services American citizens need.

We empowered them to share their training and information with people all over the world, including a live-streamed Q&A with audience participation. The best news: you could actually hear the questions as they were asked. This allowed remote participants to understand the context and not have to guess, plus saved time so panels didn’t have to repeat every question before it was answered.

That’s time and expense saved for the agency, and plenty of frustration removed for everyone on the feed.

Our recent projects included meetings and training summits for the FAA and USPS
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Why You Should Live Stream Your Next Event

Most companies turn to live stream video production to save money because it can significantly reduce the costs your staff and offices face. Often eliminating just one team’s cross-country flights and hotel room costs can make live streaming pay for itself.

Beyond that, NextThought Studios shoots all events in 4K and allows for high-quality sound and video recording so you can use them for future training or review how things went. Premium video quality means you can also share it on social networks, from Facebook to LinkedIn, to help your executives shine.

Attendees and speakers also like to share video when it looks great or when they’re featured. Recording it live can make sure we capture all the great moments, while current and post-production processing can add logos and other information to keep your branding front and center no matter where the video travels.

Give your company a unique experience to share knowledge and expertise with a wider audience while maintaining a professional look and feel in everything you do.

When You Choose Us, You Get More Than Just a Webinar

As a live streaming video production company, NextThought Studios brings a lot more than your standard webinar video feed to the table. We ensure everyone is properly lit, slides are visible, the audience can participate with high-quality sound, and you always look professional.

Plus, we’ll help you take advantage of live streaming social media services, with recordings to go up on YouTube after the fact, so you can reach your audience on the platform they want. You set the standards and requirements, and that can easily mean not making attendees download random programs, working with overloaded servers or many of today’s other leading concerns.

We can post a live stream of your conference, speech, training or other event anywhere. Whether you want the ability to support discussions around the content being seen or if you just want to have it visible, our live streaming services for events can be customized to your specific needs.

When you’re ready to bring your event vision to life, contact the NextThought Studios team to get a quote on our affordable, high-quality live event video services. Your event is worth it.


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