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On-Location Production Services

What could showcase your company better than a video filmed at your own facility?

Film at Your Location

Prospective students, employees, and customers want to know exactly what to expect from you before working with you or for you. What better way to show them that than giving them a look at your location, team, amenities, and more?

With NextThought Studios, you can ensure that this on-site video content will have a professional quality while demonstrating who you are and showcasing your unique personality.

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Professionals at Your Door

At NextThought Studios, we’ve engineered our teams and equipment to deliver a professional product no matter where we shoot. For you, that means you’ll have a full array of high-quality equipment at your specific location and a final product that looks like it was created in your own custom studio.

For on-location production services, we’re able to bring leading equipment that includes:

  • Multiple 4K cameras
  • High-end lenses for quality and effects
  • Gimbal-mounted camera stabilizers
  • Mounted sliders
  • Booms, track dollies, and jibs
  • Lighting equipment for any situation

And best of all, you'll have a stellar team around to operate it.

By choosing NextThought Studios, you’ll end up with a truly cinematic look for your next production, making it perfect for that new TV spot, training video, digital marketing content and much more.


Get Everything from On-Location Production Companies

An on-location video shoot means that our production team heads to you to capture footage with as minimal disruption as possible.

When you select NextThought Studios as your on-location production company, we deliver the full experience you don’t need to worry about any other steps in the production process. We shoot the audio and video that your site demands, with multiple options to ensure that you end up with the best possible video.


Take the Next Step with 
Our On-Location Video Production Services

We’re the leader among video production companies in Oklahoma, Dallas, and across the U.S. because we deliver a commitment to quality that you and your audience will notice. If you’re ready for a change to your video presence and want to put your brand in the best light, contact NextThought Studios today.

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