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Post-production video editing takes good videos and turns them into great video experiences. At NextThought Studios, our team of talented editors and artists does just that, fine-tuning your filmed content with in-house post-production editing. Post-production video editing is where we’re able to give you that movie magic that cleans up rough patches and smooths over transitions for a video that looks right out of Hollywood.

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While most standard post-video production editing companies will offer only the most basic cleaning or care services in post-production, they don’t have the talent or tech to bring your content to life through true enhancements. By working with NextThought Studios throughout your entire video project, you’ll not only be able to plan and storyboard a compelling video experience, but you'll also be able to realize your vision through quality post-production services.


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Video Post-Production Services

At NextThought Studios in Norman, Oklahoma, our staff consists of the best post-production professionals. Our team features experts in animation, special effects, music scoring and more, all designed to craft a stunning final product. Some of the services we offer include:


Want to tell your story with a well-developed graphic? A motion graphic can be a useful tool, moving a static image around in a way that makes it look like it’s moving. These illustrative images are particularly useful for clarifying relationships and main points in educational and promotional videos and serve as excellent punctuations for live-action videos.


Want to add your company logo as a watermark on your video? Video overlays make it possible. With a quality overlay, you add a layer of professionalism and branding to your video while also boldly proclaiming it as your own.


Need to add a little bit of sparkle to a live action production by adding in background or foreground elements? Special effects can make it happen. Using green screen technology and other effects, you can add new elements to your video that are either impossible or impractical in a live production.


For training, educational and marketing videos, interactivity is often the cherry on top that makes all the difference. Interactive video elements can accomplish what nothing else can, whether you want to onboard new employees, instruct the next generation of leaders, or create a futuristic feel.


Videos can often feel empty without accompanying background music, but music can be used to do more than fill space. The right soundtrack can enhance the emotion of a promotional video or capture the attention of your documentary's.



Through 3D animation, you can convey ideas and concepts that are simply impossible in a live-action production: Want to give your viewers an inside look at the inner workings of a product? Want to take students on an interactive journey through a cell?

We can use 3D motion and animation technology to achieve this more effectively than any other medium, which makes it a versatile tool for training videos, educational videos, marketing materials and documentaries alike. 



The Right Team for the Job

Choosing the right video editing company is the most important part of the post-production process. The wrong graphics, animations, overlays and green screen edits can quickly turn your production from Hollywood-quality to the memories of GeoCities pages filled with rotating, 8-bit graphics and jerky animation.

With NextThought Studios, get a team of highly trained post-production masters that includes animators, illustrators, audio technicians and more. Each team member has a broad range of experience in everything from documentary films to broadcast news. Together, our team produces more than 1,000 finished video projects each year, with videos that range from less than a minute to over an hour in length.

Our team has the skills and knowledge to bring you the best results possible so you can engage your customers and your staff in every moment of your video. Whether you're producing a serious documentary or an ad, we'll help you with the finishing touches you need to add the right amount of sobriety or humor for your audience. We'll build you a masterpiece designed specifically to represent your brand in the best light for your audience, using highly crafted post-production video editing.

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A crisply finished video with the right amount of animation or interactivity can help your company stand out and capture the attention of your audience. Whether you’re looking to entice a potential client or motivate a new team member, the right post-production company can make it happen with quality post video production. NextThought Studios’ post-production house, based out of Norman, Oklahoma, features the best team of designers and directors for the job.

Our staff stands ready to help you make your next video, whether you want to work with us from the start or employ our incredible post-production skills. Learn more about NextThought Studios, our capabilities and what we can do for your next video production. Fill out the form to request a quote today for your next project.