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Studio Production Services

A lot of magic happens in 1,029 square feet here at NextThought. We're able to turn concepts and ideas into live, animated and mixed-reality productions so that you can best reach your audience with a timely, appropriate message.

We can help you go a cut above the rest, thanks to the latest technology in studio production services. Combining this with a leading team of talented individuals who know every aspect of our industry, we've become one of the leading studio production companies here in Oklahoma City.

Who We've Worked With

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We can bring your project to life.

With our state-of-the-art facility and full-scale studio production services, we create the high quality visual projects our clients use to deliver their brand’s unique message.

Our production veterans work to bring ideas to life, whether an educational or corporate training video, a commercial, documentary, marketing video or any other film project. Our visual storytellers are passionate about using our vibrant industry to help our clients succeed!

Listed below are some of the projects our production services division make reality.

HubSpot Video



Educational Videos

With online learning on the rise, creative videos are a great tool to captivate student audiences. Our office and production services can assist or lead in the creation of educational videos from the beginning to end.

interactive and immersive

Interactive Video Production

NextThought Studios builds interactive videos for many types of applications.These unique videos encourage active engagement from your target audience helping to keep the viewer’s attention as well as invested.

post production


NextThought Studios can staff your production shoot with extensively trained staff to make complex productions move swiftly, efficiently, and smoothly.

studio prod

Corporate Training Videos

Whether you need to onboard new employees or provide training on a new product, method, or policy, training videos are an efficient tool to reach staff housed under one roof or scattered working remotely. We work closely with our clients to ensure the final project relays the information their employees need to be successful.


Corporate Communication Videos

We provide the green screen, rehearsal facility, sound stages, studio operations, post production services, whatever you need to create your company’s internal communications videos. A useful tool to promote company culture, an internal video is an easy way to keep your employees or other constituents informed and engaged.

white label (1)

White Label Video Production

Marketing agencies that partner with us enjoy our top tier studio production services and extensive portfolio of existing video work. Without making the investment into the production industry, agencies can add video as a profitable part of their services.

What We Offer: Studio Production Service Capabilities

We don't cut corners when it comes to the production services or technology that we offer to all of our B2B customers. With decades of combined experience under our belts. we're able to deliver a video development experience that yields leading videos to help you accomplish your goals.

Our home base production studio in Norman, Oklahoma provides everything we'll need to create the video your company has been looking for. And if you're joining us in our offices, we also can help get you set up at the Marriott hotel that's right here on-site! Nothing beats a swim or a massage after a long day of shooting.

We look forward to working with you to take your vision and move it to a video reality.

A dual-walled infinity green screen for putting you in any action you can dream up, or inserting your speaker in front of your facilities, no matter where they're located.

Limbo-lit interview set for creating content that lets you and you subject shine.

Library Wall for studio shots designed to engage your student audience from the first moment.

A full complement of studio lights, rigging, jibs, dollies and more for a variety of still and moving shots that keep quality high. 

A double-sized VocalBooth for recording voiceover and other audio to make your video sing.

Complete makeup and hair styling services in-house, so everyone in your video looks like they should.

"I didn’t have to explain what I needed — they knew what I needed better than me."

Jimmy Reynolds | National Group Marketing

Video Estimator

To give you an idea of the cost of taking your video presence to the next level, you can click our video estimator. We look forward to making your video vision a reality!

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