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What does it take to create a truly compelling instructional video?

Video is one of the most effective ways to improve the learning experience — when it’s done well. How do you make a video that will engage and educate?

The Instructional Video Playbook has the information you need to create a dynamic learning video — the research as well as the best practices behind great educational content.

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What will you find in The Instructional
Video Playbook?


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The Science Behind Successful Video

Video’s value is evident, but what makes video the most effective method to convey information? Why does it improve retention and aid in processing? How does cognitive science support the theory that video helps viewers learn more, faster than any other medium?

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The Strategy Behind Successful Video

Video creation is easier now than ever before — anyone with a smartphone can make a video. How do you ensure that your video will stand out from the masses, educating and engaging your audience at the same time? We’ve got the tips you need to create a successful learning video.

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How to Make Your Videos More Engaging

While video is generally more interesting than text to just about any audience, if you don’t use certain best practices, you’ll lose your audience’s attention in no time. Without their attention, it’s impossible to educate them! What’s required to capture your audience?

Did you know?.

Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster than textual data by your brain.

Meet our Experts



Jae Strickland

Head of Learning Design & Education

  • DegreesPh.D. in Educational Studies, Educational Leadership and Higher Education; Specialization in Educational Administration and Supervision; Master of Education, Educational Leadership; Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education

  • ExperienceJae started her career in education as a public school teacher, instructional coach, and elementary principal. During her tenure as a principal, she implemented numerous successful programs that served as a catalyst for student success and promoted family and community engagement.  She also spent two years working at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln conducting research and co-teaching classes in the Educational Administration Department. Jae currently serves as Head of Learning Design and Education for NextThought, where she leads a talented team in creating innovative and successful learning environments that foster high levels of engagement.

    Jae continues to be a strong advocate for schools and stays active in researching and promoting school, family, and community partnerships in urban, Title 1 Elementary Schools.

  • Why is learning important to youEducation is the pathway that leads to understanding. It awakens who we are; it enables us to realize our greatest dreams, and empowers us to change the world.

  • Favorite things:  Spending time with my family, exercising, learning new things, watching and attending sporting events


Janelle Bevan

Head of NextThought Studios

  • DegreesMaster of Arts in Journalism, Video Producing and Media Management // Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Broadcasting and Electronic Media

  • Experience:  Janelle has worked on a vast number of projects, ranging from corporate commercials to long-form documentaries. She served as the graduate assistant to the Creative Media department head at the University of Oklahoma for two years while completing her Master’s in Video Producing and Media Management. She has worked with the Broadcast Education Association and acted as their Festival Producer for the 2015 awards show in Las Vegas. Janelle is six-time Telly Award and Emmy winner.

  • Why learning is important to you? Knowledge pushes new perspectives, engages conversation, and opens the doors for success. Learning brings happiness, boosts confidence, and transforms us socially, physically, and mentally.

  • Favorite things: Lens Flares, zombies, coffee mugs, scooter rides in the studio, having the ability to elicit emotions through moving pictures and create something that has never been imagined before.

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In this guide, we cover the most effective ways to engage and educate.