Time Lapse Video Production

While a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be even more effective. In fact, 64% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after they watch a product video.
Time lapse video allows you to show a progressive sequence of events and keep your video under two minutes long— the preferred length for viewer engagement.
Bonus? Time lapse video just looks cool. NextThought Studios is proud to offer time lapse video services to our clients. Leave the project to us.

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Why Time Lapse?


While time lapse video might not be appropriate for every project, when it’s used judiciously, it can make a big impact. Say, for example, that you want an arresting way to highlight your city’s beauty with a cityscape; time lapse video shows the movement and color in a whole new way.


With the ever-increasing demand for video, time lapse has only increased in popularity over the last few years. What does this mean for your marketing efforts? A well-executed time lapse video can help your company go viral in no time. The value of having a fun video when it’s time to market your organization is priceless.

How does it work?

Icon-green-oneThe process used to create a time lapse video is fascinating. Essentially, a series of photos are taken at regular intervals and then strung together into a video that speeds up a process that is usually much slower into mere seconds.


Icon-green-twoThe average video is recorded at 24 frames per second and projected at 24 frames per second; time lapse video is recorded at a wide variety of frames per second, ranging from 24-30 seconds all the way to one frame per day, week, month, or longer.


Icon-green-threeThen, the film is played back at a higher rate of speed-- like 30 frames per second. A true expert can create a seamless and seemingly instantaneous transformation of any scene.  

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NextThought Studios, a leader among video production companies in Oklahoma City as well as across the United States, has created gorgeous time lapse video for many businesses. If you’re ready to take your video game to the next level, let’s talk. Contact us for a quote today.

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What are time lapse videos ideal for?

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Say, for instance, you own a construction company; you want a quick way to show the process of remodeling an office space, but you don’t want to lose your audience with a five-minute video. Enter time lapse— you can get your point across and show the before and after with a cool, fun-to-watch video.

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Time lapse video is especially effective when utilized in tandem with nature. Are you a landscaper? Time lapse video can showcase the work you’ve done in an outdoor space, allowing you to show off your work in a new and interesting way. You can show the changes within a garden from season to season in seconds rather than hours.

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You’re proud of your efficient processes— why not show them off with a time lapse video? “How is this made?” videos are evergreen, and they’re often used on television shows, too. This is indicative of the level of interest your audience will have for this variety of video. Creating a time lapse video of your production process will help your business stand out from the competition.

Why NextThought Studios for your Time lapse project?

The team at NextThought Studios has been producing top-notch video services, ranging from animation to educational videos to corporate videos, for decades. Our talented team of experienced professionals tackles any project with passion and skill, delivering video that’s sure to provide the right message to the right audience at the right time.

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