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Corporate Training Videos, For Less

Effective training videos make all the difference. We create highly-engaging corporate training videos that equip and inspire teams. Our corporate video production will help your company stay informed and productive.

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Videos have massive creative flexibility to inspire and educate. Round out your training program in a way that’s affordable, memorable, and fun for the whole team.

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Why NextThought for corporate training videos?

We’re an all-in-one production company that guides the video production process from start to finish. Together, we’ll help you go from brainstorming a training idea to producing a high-quality video your employees will love. NextThought has made thousands of videos, but we never get tired of seeing people’s faces light up from enjoying a video experience. We are 100% dedicated to delivering a corporate training video that’s engaging and effective for your company.

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What makes corporate training videos engaging?


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It all starts with a design meeting that leads to the perfect script. We’ll meet with you to understand your needs, then translate it all into language that suits your employees. We’re experts at understanding audiences and crafting scripts that resonate deeply with them. Our scripts go through an intense review process that ensures they hit the mark, every time.

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Today’s savvy audiences expect interactivity. We’ll show you how to extend your video beyond the screen into an immersive training experience. Use techniques like live streaming, creative storytelling, quizzes, concept drawings, skits, and interactive games. The NextThought team has years of experience in education and training, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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Explore deep inside the human body, or trek to the remote corners of the Earth. Anything is possible with creative effects like 3D graphics, animation, drone videography, and time-lapse video. NextThought’s production team will make suggestions that enhance your message and enchant your audience.

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Your employees experience an unforgettable journey. And your company’s training money is well spent, because the video is burned into your employees’ memories. They’ll talk about the video for weeks, months, and years to come - and that means maximum productivity for your company. Let’s take the journey together and make a corporate training video.


"We've been thrilled with the partnership so far and hope to collaborate again in the near future."

Joe Mark | Mark Innovation

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Looking for corporate training video?

We make more than 1,000 video projects every year, and our team of creative experts has boundless energy for developing new ideas. If you need a training video, we’ll make sure it’s engaging and effective for your employees. Contact us today to set up a meeting and start brainstorming.