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5 Reasons Why Your Corporate Event Needs a Videographer

If you’ve got a corporate event coming up, you’ll want to capture it with a corporate event video, there’s no question about that. Event video coverage is a great way to build brand awareness for your company and get people interested in and excited about what you do.

After looking at event videography rates, you might be tempted to try to figure out how to film an event yourself. Videography is like photography, writing and other pursuits, in that everybody can do it, but it takes specialized skill to do it well.

If you’re looking for quality event video production, it’s almost always worth the investment to hire a videographer. While it’s always fun to collect video shot by attendees or hosts of an event (and that has its place in videos too!), the finished product will be of a much higher caliber – and a better representation of your business – if its shot by a professional video production company.

Here are five more reasons why your event needs a videographer.

1. A Professional Corporate Event Video Reflects on Your Company

People who are watching your corporate event video aren’t just learning about who your company is and what your company does. They’re also learning about your commitment to quality.

If your event video looks like it was shot off the cuff by an employee on someone’s phone, people may assume you take that kind of approach to your business & service to your customers. You don’t, but it’s an easy assumption to make.

A professionally shot video with high production values signals to viewers that your company appreciates quality and seeks it out in everything they do.

2. A Professional Videographer Stays Out of the Way

A professional videographer knows how to film (by film people might think we are actually using film instead of digital 4k for the event) an event unobtrusively, allowing activities to continue uninterrupted.

If you’re not used to doing professional videography, it’s easy to not be aware you are disturbing your invitees and disrupting the event while trying to capture it on video. This can not only alienate attendees, but also affect your finished product – and the success of your event.

3. A Professional Videographer Knows How to Edit

Videoing your corporate event is about more than just filming, it’s knowing how to cut the event together, how to mix the shots and the sound, and add music and any subtle effects or graphics that will make the video really shine without appearing overproduced.

Editing your video without the benefit of a dedicated studio or years of experience won’t have the same ability to capture the energy and mission of your event.

4. A Professionally Done Video Tells a Story

Companies with experience creating videos do more than just capture actions digitally, they also find the story in the event they are recording and use their videography skills to tell that story. This storyline is reflected in what they choose to shoot, when they shoot it and how they edit it all together.

It’s that storyline that is going to capture the attention of your audience and give your video the desired effect. It’s also going to stir up emotions and passion in your employees, creating momentum in your company and with your customers that will last until your next event.

5. A Professional Video Gets Done on Time

If you assign one of your employees to handle your corporate video, or do it yourself, it may take longer than expected. Without a great deal of postproduction experience, putting your footage together in a way that achieves the desired result could take extensive trial and error.

You may not have the time for that, especially if you’re working to recap an event and show stakeholders or customers how successful it was. While unexpected problems can always pop up, if you give a professional videographer a timeline for completion and they agree to it, they will be able to deliver.

Finding a Professional Videographer in the Oklahoma City Area

If you need to find a conference videographer in Oklahoma City, you may want to start your search with Oklahoma’s premier video production company, NextThought Studios. NextThought Studios has experts in every area of video production, from scripts to editing and everything in between. Our professional crews can capture your event on location the way you want it captured and edit it to create just the effect your company is searching for. Our goal is to make every corporate video and every corporation that makes them look great, and we’re eager to do that for you.

To find out more about what NextThought Studios can offer your corporate event video production, or to receive a free estimate on your job, contact NextThought Studios online today.

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