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You Can Increase Customer Conversion with Consistent Messaging— Here's How

February 19, 2018



Technology can provide businesses with key opportunities to improve upon their customer service experience. Additionally, improving website usability can help close online deals much more quickly.

How Can You Increase Conversions?

You must ensure that when your clients and customers visit your website, they can find the information they seek and stay engaged with the content and information provided. Adding eye-catching imagery and videos to your key pages can also help to increase website traffic. In fact, adding video to a landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent or more.

It’s also helpful to use customer relationship management software or some sort of database where you can keep contact information ordered. Using a database allows you to store customer demographic information and buying habits and can assist you with effectively targeting the right group with the content they’re looking for. The purpose of new technologies should always be to help make customers’ and clients’ lives easier.


Technologies that Convert

By integrating some of these technologies, you can successfully engage your customer and client base:

Streaming Video Ads

In the broadcast world, you only get 20 to 30 seconds to deliver your brand and message to the ideal customer and client base. And with consumers growing less patient with internet marketing messages in general, you need to make sure you optimize the time available and ensure your message sticks. It’s true that customers are getting savvier in general about avoiding commercials, but the right platform makes all the difference.


Most Netflix users are more likely to discontinue their subscription than sit through ads, for example. However, over on YouTube — itself a fledgling media channel for original video content — viewership is up 60 percent year-over-year despite Google’s reliance on advertising to monetize the site. Use a combination of graphics, video and audio effects to reach your target audience — and above all, think of ways to answer common questions your customers might have. When you can anticipate roadblocks in advance, you help make your customers’ lives a little easier.

Video Testimonials

Most customers nowadays will not make a purchase or try out a service unless they have first heard positive reviews about it. Incorporating video testimonials takes that a step further. You foster more trust and credibility when you can see another human speaking positively about your company and what you have to offer.

It also shows potential clients and customers that you are ahead of the technology curve and that you’ve taken the time to put in extra effort for your brand. It also helps you create an emotional connection with your customers.

Text Alerts

Text alerts are a great way to reach your customers faster. They also allow for an instant response. We are constantly being inundated with information via email and sales calls, so text alerts and push notifications will soon become the new norm for reaching potential clients and customers.

Whether you are sending a coupon, sale alert or a friendly survey, these are key opportunities to create new touchpoints with your customers. You can also tie text messaging into customized mobile apps to keep your brand top-of-mind.

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Max Bevan, B.B.A

Max Bevan, B.B.A

Max headed Business Development for NextThought Studios as a video marketing specialist with an in-depth knowledge of marketing trends and a comprehensive background in video production. He brought a direct eye for creating innovative and entertaining videos with commercial appeal as part of high-impact marketing campaigns to his role at NextThought Studios. Having worked on videography projects for the University of Oklahoma and Gaylord Hall Productions, Max used his in-depth knowledge to help clients understand how to use video elements to tell their stories. Max was noted for being adaptive to any situation, and he specialized in sales and client relationships.

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