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NextThought Studios is a premiere video production company in Oklahoma City.

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Our Professional Video Service

NextThought is a leading professional video production company in the U.S. thanks to our talented team and state-of-the-art facilities. We’re able to deliver the finish of professional video production to any project, from traditional 30-second TV ads to today’s most important digital content for your marketing, training and more.
NextThought aims to deliver a video experience that shows you at your best and provides the right message to the right audience at the right time. We believe our team of experts are best positioned to do that for you.

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Who We Are

The NextThought team creates positive learning experiences with our talented and varied video production services. We strive to be the best professional video editing company you’ll find, and the only one you’ll ever need to work with for your video editing needs. Through the use of our production studio and our high-quality post-production services, we can help you envision and create video solutions that are optimized for information acquisition and skill modeling. With everything from learning videos to corporate video production, NextThought Studios offers a wide variety of video formats that will fit any client’s needs.

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Why We Believe In Video

Promotional video production is an important part of today’s marketing and information structure. Video is already the most dominant type of internet traffic in the world, and is expected to account for 82% of all traffic by 2020.
That means every single one of your competitors has turned to a professional video production and editing company to make their case to customers. In our world, a video that works on your website, customers’ mobile devices and in ad units across the Web has become a necessity.

Browse our selected work and services or contact us directly to learn more about promotional video production designed to highlight your culture, train your talent and display your services.

See Our Work

Customers from around the United States are turning to NextThought Studios as their preferred video production company for content including: 

  • Digital marketing content that can be personalized for your funnel
  • Traditional TV ads that can also be used on your video and marketing channels
  • Corporate communications videos to help educate and train your staff while highlighting company values
  • 3D and mixed reality content designed to showcase a brand as an innovator
  • On-location shots to help customers get the feel of who your company is at its core
  • Documentaries to share your story and build brand awareness


"NextThought is able to quickly understand the needs of videos that we are producing. In addition to that, they have a strong sense of the educational subject matters and can quickly and efficiently supply final deliverables."  - Rick Livingston Director, Video Production Services Encyclopædia Britannica

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 upcity badgeUpCity Certified Partner

Seeking a full-service video production agency in Oklahoma City? UpCity, a service that helps businesses locate the best video production agencies in their area, can help you find the agency that’s right for you. Now, UpCity has recognized NextThought Studios as a Certified Partner, one of just a handful of video production agencies in Oklahoma to be honored with this distinction.

NextThought Studios offers professional video services to businesses in Oklahoma and across the country! Our team of producers, directors, designers, animators and engineers have been creating B2B and specialty commerce videos for decades, and we’re delighted that our work has been recognized by UpCity.

Get a Free Quote on Your Next Project

NextThought Studios wants to hear from you and learn about your video needs. Ask us about...

  • traditional TV spots,
  • the latest in digital marketing video,
  • shoots for your next corporate event,
  • documentaries,
  • internal training,
  • communications, and
  • so much more.

We’ll help you find the right video package to fit your business, budget and timeframe, backed by some of the top experts in the field and a stunning work ethic.