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Videography Services at NextThought

NextThought Studios is a full-service video production studio specializing in all areas of instructional video.

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Video Production Solutions

Video is one of the most versatile and immersive mediums for conveying complex messages. Our videography services are specialized for different viewing contexts and styles. 


An effective solution for brands and products, video is a highly engaging storytelling medium. 


Variable in length and focus, documentaries offer students a direct, deep connection with a subject.


Bird’s-eye footage is more accessible than ever by drone: a perfect solution for establishing shots. 

Time Lapse

Capturing the action of fast-moving subjects like sports or wildlife is enhanced with time lapse video.


Going beyond the studio and providing high-quality event videography in a range of styles.

NextThought Studios Videography Offers More.

Video adds an extra dimension to instructional and commercial productions, giving audiences a more immersive experience and a better chance to learn and retain information than they would have without it. 

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NextThought Studios is the leader in educational video production in Oklahoma. We work with educators across the nation to produce high-quality learning content and educational opportunities.

Organizational onboarding and training is best done with video production not only for the immersive quality of the medium, but also for the opportunity to integrate with speaking and other presentation formats for group viewing.

Interactive video is a new way of using video with interactive prompts and different paths for viewers to take, increasing the possibilities for learning, retention, and active engagement with a subject. 

"They execute according to the visions I have for what I want."

Carolyn Muller | Director of Business Development | LX Studio


Have questions about the kind of work we do? Or maybe the tools we use or the people we work with? Check out our FAQs first. 

Yes, we begin the video production process with a discovery phase where we cover the creative direction of the project as well as costs and more. 

We use state-of-the-art RED cameras as well as studio equipment such as green screens and an audio recording booth for a quality studio environment. You can see more in-depth equipment listings on our equipment page. 

It varies greatly on the nature of the project. It would be best to contact us about your idea so we can estimate the completion time. 

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Video Estimator

We simplify our sales process by being fully transparent about what costs you can expect. Supply the details about your project in our video estimator tool so you can get a better idea of what it will cost you.

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