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White Label Video Production

Do you have clients who want to implement video into their marketing strategy, but you don’t have the time or equipment to create a truly great video in-house?
We can help. Our white label video production will allow you to give your clients what they want without overwhelming your team or breaking your budget. Leave the work to us.

What can NextThought do for you?

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How does White Label Video Production work?

NextThought Studios provides white label video production services to agencies across the United States.

Whether you are looking to produce a new set of TV spots for your client, or over hundreds of online training videos, our team of experts can take your goal or concept and work on everything from pre-production to graphics, animations and post production.

Marketing Materials

Additionally, you’ll have access to white label marketing library with product overviews, descriptions, expectations and pricing for talking-head videos, animated videos, timelapse videos and more.


Access to a Portfolio of Work Samples

We offer our white label video agency partners access to a full portfolio of the work we’ve done before, ranging from animation and 3D motion graphics to timelapse videos and marketing videos. Your clients are sure to see something that will work for them.

Your Own Video Department

We believe great partnerships are built on trust, respect and understanding. Consider our team an extension of yours. You’ll have a partner at NextThought Studios.

Pricing Materials

Our agency partners receive a full set of pricing tools and materials. Within this packet, you’ll have access to plug-and-play Google sheets that will calculate costs, pricing and your margin for every type of video product.
Book Mockup Template

Looking to learn more about adding video capabilities to your agency?

We've laid out our strategy for selling video in our free download "The Ad Agency's Complete Guide to Marketing, Pricing & Selling Video."

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Benefits our Agency Partners Enjoy

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State-of-the-Art Equipment

We’ve got the latest and greatest in video equipment, ready to be put to work on your client’s video. You won’t have to make the costly investment into cameras, sound equipment, or lighting, to name just a few of the tools of the trade.

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Top-Notch Video Professionals

We’ve been in the business for years, and we can work quickly and efficiently to produce a professional video. You’ll be saving time and money and you’ll have a better product to show your client.

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Expert Editors

It’s the finishing touches that sets a video apart from the rest. Our team of 15 professionals will provide the best sound and music design as well as the graphics, animation, and special effects that take your film from good to great.

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Great Margins

You don’t have to incur the costs of having a video marketing expert on staff, let alone the equipment that’s required. Instead, you can pass your video needs to us and trust that we’ll create the engaging, entertaining video that your clients expect, while making anywhere from 25% to 45% margin on any video project you sell.

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We've helped agencies across the United States offer the power of video marketing to their clients through effective communication strategies and visuals designed by experts in marketing, persuasion and instruction.


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