Video Production
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Never settle for a video production company that can’t meet all of your needs. NextThought Studios is a video production company that combines analytical and creative thinking to give you a whole-brain approach to your video needs, whether that’s marketing content designed for viral sharing, traditional commercial and TV spots, or internal educational videos and training videos for your staff.

What can NextThought do for you?

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If you can dream it, NextThought Studios can help you create it.

Our experts can create small animation and 3D motion graphics that you can use across all of your digital channels, put the finishing touches on documentaries that are changing minds all across the country, and develop marketing videos that engage customers across both digital and TV screens.

icon - authentic story video player - green Animation & 3D Motion Graphics

Animated films aren’t just for kids anymore — now, they're essential tools anyone can use for training and marketing videos alike. We can create content that connects with your audience through innovative 3D motion graphics and animation. Animation and movement in a video engages a viewer’s attention and draws them to this object or character. Let us help you stand out through our amazing animation services.

icon - video camera production - greenCommercials & TV Spots

Whether we’re enjoying our nightly TV show or gathered around the screen for the big game, commercials have become an expected, and sometimes celebrated, part of American entertainment. We create high-quality, expertly produced videos for marketing agencies and businesses to showcase their products and services in a positive light. 

We can create green screen videos and help you avoid the mistakes of amateurs. Let us bring your creative idea to life with the help of a polished and professional manner.

icon - corporate training video laptop - blue Corporate Training Videos

Corporate videos can make your onboarding and continuing education process easier, more affordable, and more engaging for your team members. Teach your incoming employees about the core values of your business, provide step-by-step visual aids, and test out their knowledge with interactive videos, while saving on travel time and training staff. 

We have produced thousands of unique videos that showcase our clients’ personalities and innovative ideas. Let us show you how a professional video production studio can make a difference.

Timelapse Nature Icon Documentaries

Storytelling is a fine art, and nowhere is that more on display than in today’s documentary films. The production process is key in delivering a solid documentary. A professional video production studio can provide studio space, point lighting, and post-production services to help your documentary stand out - for all the right reasons!

icon - authentic story video player - green Drone Videography

Drone video services can provide a bird’s eye view of what matters most to you. They can also capture fast-moving action and give you a new perspective that will excite your viewing audience. Drone photography is one of the latest innovations in the video industry, and our team members are experts at it.

icon - interactive elements motion graphic design - orange

 Educational Videos

Delivering quality instructional videos for universities around the country is what has allowed us to become the national leader in educational video production. Our award-winning educational videos capture students’ attention and engage them in the learning environment.

Timelapse Manufacturing Icon Interactive Video

Interactive videos are like "choose your adventure" storybooks. They allow your audience to choose their content and arrive at the training or products they need faster.

icon - video camera production - green Time Lapse Video

Time-lapse video allows you to show a progressive sequence of events and keep your video under two minutes long— the preferred length for viewer engagement.

play-button-iconWhite Label Video

NextThought Studios provides white label video production services to agencies across the United States.

Every video has the chance to take your breath away and inspire you to take action. NextThought Studios is here to help your video do just that and achieve what’s best for your business and your bottom line. Get insight into our process and see more of our work here.

What We Can Build for You

NextThought Studios has created a multitude of video campaigns and content for clients ranging from B2B sales tools to internal videos designed to keep everyone on the same path toward growth. Our experts can help with your next project, including live videos, educational videos, corporate videos, and training videos. 

We also provide a broad range of custom video service options. If you need a quick video to share on Twitter or other social media platforms that are part of your ad experience, or want a roll of professional-quality outtakes to share at the end of training video as a little reward for your staff, our video production teams can put together exactly what you need for that “something extra.” 

NextThought Studios assists with all aspects of the production process, including video content, film production, and lighting setups. Contact us today for a free quote.


About NextThought Studios

Our team creates positive learning experiences with our talented and varied video production services.  With everything from learning videos to corporate video production, NextThought Studios offers a wide variety of video formats that will fit any client’s needs.

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Video Production
is What We Do

 We’re the leading video production company in Oklahoma City and among the top production companies in the United States. What sets us apart? Our commitment to quality. You and your audience will recognize the difference! If you’re ready to upgrade your video presence and put your brand in the best light, contact NextThought Studios today!

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