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Seven Seconds.

That’s the amount of time you have to hook your audience and get them engaged, allowing the rest of your message to be received positively and enthusiastically.

Those first seven seconds matter, and with NextThought Studios, they’re always our best seven seconds.

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icon - training video lesson - blackPre-Production Services

Pre-production is step one in the full video content production process. This involves laying the foundation of your video, and is perhaps one of the most crucial parts of creating a successful video.

Studio IconStudio Production

We’re here to help you build a holistic campaign that operates in conjunction with your paid media, social and search efforts and your digital sharing. Let’s target your core customer together for the best multi-channel strategy for a brand of your size and success.

Timelapse Nature IconOn-Location Production

If you choose not to make use of our video production company’s studio in Norman, Oklahoma, we can bring the production to you.


Voiceover, graphics, animation, effects and proper branding round out our capabilities for your video, giving your film the finished look it needs to succeed.

Pre-Production Services

During this stage, we will:

  • Brainstorm, dream and organize the most effective and efficient game plan to meet your needs.
  • Work with you every step of the way, starting with your concept, pinpointing your desired feel and style and building from there.
  • You decide how far we take it, whether you want to leave with a script or a fully realized video project.

No matter what you decide, if you have a story, our team will find a way to tell it. The end result is your message, distilled to perfection and delivered to the world with beauty and finesse.

NextThought Studios offers full video pre-production services on-site, which gives you a strong base before the cameras roll.

Regardless of the size of your project, our studio can help you handle it and execute it in the best way possible. We’ll guide you through our full services including each stage, from  concept design to scripting to storyboarding.

Even better, we’ll help you through the planning stages, figuring out what is needed to keep your production within your budget and your timeline. It’s all part of NextThought Studios’ full service video production.


Studio Production

You can choose how you want your production to proceed:

  • If you choose to work with us at our top-of-the-line production studio, you benefit from a large space dedicated to your video production, with a full staff ready and waiting to help you.
  • Our staff has a wide range of experience that covers everything from corporate communications, traditional and digital marketing to training, animation and much more.

On-Location Production

During on-location production, the NextThought crew will manage all shoots, from start to finish, and handle all aspects of production.

All production work will be executed with the utmost attention to high artistic standards, in accordance with the most exacting safety guidelines and a mindfulness to budget concerns.



Our team of 15 professionals specializes in Adobe Premier and After Effects, which helps to give your production the perfect amount of flash and substance.

We’ll engineer every single aspect, from lighting and pacing to sound and music design. We’ll even tailor your video to better fit in with your larger marketing efforts using video overlays.

Your company deserves to put its best foot forward and engage customers who need what you’re offering. It’s NextThought Studios’ job to get you there.

NextThought Studios operates a state-of-the-art video production company in Norman, Oklahoma where we offer regional expertise for America’s Heartland. We provide complete pre-production, production, and post-production services to companies across the U.S., focusing primarily on video production in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. Learn more about who we are and why we believe in the power of video.

NextThought Studios operates a state-of-the-art video production company in Norman, Oklahoma where we offer regional expertise for America’s Heartland. We provide complete pre-production, production, and post-production services to companies across the U.S., focusing primarily on full service video production in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. Learn more about who we are and why we believe in the power of video.

A Step Above Other Video Production Companies in Oklahoma

Our video production services are backed by a full staff and well-equipped studio, featuring all the skills and tools needed to make your video production happen. Whether you’re shooting your film on-site or at our Norman, Oklahoma, studio, our team has everything needed to make a quality production, including:

icon - team who we are about us - blackThe Staff

NextThought Studios employs a video production team of more than 15 professionals that includes

  • directors,
  • producers,
  • writers,
  • artists, and
  • videographers. 

Each has years of experience in media, lending their unique talents to our quality video production house.

icon - video camera production - blackThe Space

If you choose to shoot your video in our video production studio in Norman, Oklahoma, you’ll be pleased to find a fantastic facility tailored to your media production needs. 

Featuring 1,029 square feet of available set space, a green screen cyclorama wall, multiple backdrops and a light grid, the studio offers a green room, audio booth and all the videography tools you’ll ever need. There’s even a Marriott Hotel next door for you if you need to stay the night.

icon - experience happy smooth fireworks - blackThe Experience

The NextThought Studios team averages about 1,000 videos per year. 

These cover all types of video content from educational and marketing media to full-length documentaries and video production for the web. 

No matter what your goal, our video production company has the experience and skills to make it happen.

Catch the Customers You Need

NextThought Studios has grown from a video production company known in Norman, Oklahoma to a leading name across the U.S. The reason for our growing reputation? We’ve mastered the ability to create a compelling hook in those first few crucial moments of a video. The first seven seconds determine whether your audience keeps watching or wants to change the channel.

Our video production team has been building video ads, promotions and educational items for years. We’ll help you refine your message and target the most important audience for you — whether you’re working to keep customers as competition grows or targeting a new audience, such as the rising tide of millennial B2B company owners.

Our roots are in video production in Oklahoma City and Norman Oklahoma, but by filling our ranks with a top-notch video production team, we’re able to understand and target your core group no matter their local, regional or industry tastes.

audience listening to presentation

Take the Next Step 
with Our Premiere Video Production Services

We’re the leader among full service video production companies in Oklahoma City and across the U.S. because we deliver a commitment to quality that you and your audience will notice. If you’re ready for a change to your video presence and want to put your brand in the best light, contact NextThought Studios today.